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10 Positivity Tips: Life Lessons from Rock Bottom

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the biggest keys to improving your lifestyle is having positive thoughts, even when a situation seems impossible. I’m currently working on a book called Life Lessons From Rock Bottom. In this excerpt, I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned about having a positive outlook on life, lessons I’ve learned from the addicts I work with as well as my own recovery from meth addiction. I hope they can help you too:

  • Keep a thought diary – Buy a notebook and keep it with you throughout the day. Write down the thoughts you have and, most importantly, what led to those thoughts. Reading back through it, you’ll start to see a pattern of which events cause which feelings – and eventually, you’ll hopefully start seeing a change in a positive direction.
  • When responding or reasoning with someone, always use a gentle voice – This will help ease the tension of those around you.
  • Ask yourself why – Next time you have a negative thought, ask yourself why you feel that way. Is it because of fear? Anger toward another person? Jealousy? Knowing why you feel the way you feel can help you change in a positive way.
  • Take a “breather” – If you find yourself frustrated at a particular situation, take a deep breath and count to 10. If you still haven’t calmed down, take another few breaths. The key here is that you should never respond to something if you’re not calm.
  • Use constructive language – Instead of always thinking, “I can’t,” transition your language to “I can” thoughts. Even if it takes many steps to get there, I bet you can find a way to make it happen.
  • Always think positively of new people – Even if a person is telling you something you don’t agree with, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad person – that’s just their viewpoint. Try your best to keep an open mind about someone, even if you’re not in total agreement.
  • Admit your mistakes – If you make a mistake, admit it. Many people get the idea that mistakes are always bad, but they can actually be a great learning experience.
  • You are who you surround yourself with – If you find yourself feeling negative, take a look at those you spend time with and make sure they have a positive influence on your life. If they don’t, it may be time to find more positive friends.
  • Immerse yourself in positivity – Find positive quotes, fun photos, and other symbols of what makes you happy and paste them on your bedroom walls or around your desk. Make it so positive things surround you wherever you look.
  • Be “okay” that you can’t please everyone – It’s okay if you can’t please everyone. You’ll encounter a lot of people throughout your life, and it’s impossible to please everyone you meet. Be okay with that and let go of negative thoughts.

Keep these tips in mind if you’re ever feeling negative. Using just a few of them in your daily life can help you lead a happier, healthier life.

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jeudi 21 août 2014

Physical and Mental Side Effects of Alcohol Abuse

No one can deny that alcohol can make you forget problems, make you relax after a trying day or gives a kind of swoon or fake happiness. But conversely it takes you joy, Heath, happiness, family… everything.

etoh abuse Iies honestly a serious medical problem that have symptoms and effects.
Common signs and symptoms of habit include:
    Repeatedly neglecting your responsibilities reception, work, or college attributable to your drinking. For instance, playing poorly at work, flunking categories, neglecting your youngsters, or skipping out on commitments as a result of you’re decorated over.
 Victimization alcohol in things wherever it’s physically dangerous, like drinking and driving, operative machinery whereas intoxicated, or mixture alcohol with prescription medication against doctor’s orders.
    Experiencing recurrent legal issues on account of you’re drinking For instance, obtaining in remission for driving underneath the influence or for drunk and offenses. Continued to drink even if your alcohol use is inflicting issues in your relationships. Obtaining drunk together with your buddies, for instance, even if you recognize your partner are going to be terribly upset, or fighting together with your family as a result of their dislike, however you act once you drink. Drinking as some way to relax or de-stress. Several drinking issues begin once folks use alcohol to self-soothe and relieve stress. Obtaining drunk when each nerve-wracking day, for instance reaching for a bottle on every occasion you have got an Associate in nursing argument together with your significant other or boss.
Effects on brain:
etoh abuse has interferes with the brain’s communication pathways, and has huge affect on the way the brain functions. Witch absolutely change mood and behaviors, and make it harder to think clearly and move normally.  
Effects on heart:
Drinking too much in occasions or daily with small amounts has the same impact on heat:
·  Cardiomyopathy – Stretching and drooping of heart muscle
·  Arrhythmias – Irregular heart beat
·  Stroke
·  High blood pressure 
Effects on liver:
Heavy drinking leads to lot of damage on the organs inside the body and especially liver because it’s a sensitive organ, and from problems caused by drinking:
·         Steatosis, or liver disease
·         Alcoholic infectious disease
·         Fibrosis
·         Cirrhosis

Affects on Pancreas:
Drinking too much leads the pancreas to the excretion of a toxic liquid that cause dangerous inflammation and irritation and swelling of the blood vessels within the duct gland that stops correct digestion.

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol will increase your risk of developing bound cancers, together with cancers of the:

·         Mouth
·         Esophagus
·         Throat
·         Liver
·         Breast

Immune System
Etoh abuse makes your body a way easier target for illness.  Drinking plenty on one occasion slows your body’s ability to beat back infections – even up to twenty four hours when obtaining drunk.
Those were the important and most dangerous physical effects for Etoh abuse. Now let’s move to psychological effects.

Drinkers always feel guilty and never feel satisfied.
Etoh abuse Reduce attention to personal and professional responsibilities
It can cause a depression or a high depression that lead to suicide or thinking about making an end to life.
Drinkers are always stressed and worrying.  Drinking too much decrease memory capacity.
 Drinkers impact relationships it decrease your sexual desire so it Extinguish the flame of love between you and your partner.
Why you should stop drinking
If you are a drinker and you don’t really care about your mental health and body health you should care about people around you, people who love you people who care about you whatever a parents, friend, husband/wife, children, girl/boy friend…
And especially family if you are drinker you may think that you are not just risking your health but also making your family lives in a nightmare or even worst.
So please before drinking a bottle of wine and getting over the you cars and listening lo loud music think about you children that are waiting for you to come home safe make them proud to say that’s my mom/ dad, don’t make them feel like there are inferior or don’t deserve a stable life.

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dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Random Thoughts of an Alcoholic

     after my first article about etoh abuse this a little piece of my imagination inside an alcoholic's brain, hope you like it!   

The brain of an alcoholic doing the talking

"It all started when my owner thought it would be her life-changing point if she joins the coolest group at school. " The brain of an alcoholic said. "And so it was!"

"Being the forsaken, unpopular bullied one whose name is the first in the "not list" is not exactly what a sixteen-year-old girl considers a dream! It was simply a reality she was forced to face every single day of her "unestablished" life as she used to like calling it. What was provoking her the most was the fact that she had incredible mental skills anyone would want to have! Thus, still feeling unwanted, useless, deficient in spite of her efficiency was actually the most ungrasped contradiction. My owner thought of it so much that she even started believing that the world's rules turned upside down, as her biggest unanswered question was: "How is it possible that students wouldn't want to be friends with the school's smartass?".  Her only arguments were continuously rolling in her head: "A smartass would provide the students with the assignments answers and even help them cheat when needed!!"


One day when she was spending those long hours of thinking, she had a completely new answer for her question.
One that changed her following decisions .for the worse! She thought that if the majority of students at her school had medium level of intelligence, and the rest had medium-, then of course the only student with the highest level wouldn't be liked! Her existence would have been more acceptable if she were just an extra replica!
After that exact enlightening moment, my owner started seeking ways to be more sociable! This at the beginning meant having to "decrease" her intelligence level by not answering all the questions in tests or not participating in class. But that wasn't exactly what bullies wanted, as she was still the special one around.. So she got back to thinking about a new way, and that is when her life began taking another stream.
Regardless of how audacious and unusual it seemed to her, she still insisted on joining the parties to which all students go . It was the tax she had to pay if she wanted to become accepted.
During one of the parties, my owner was asked to take the initiative of drinking in order to prove herself in, and so she didn't refuse her "friend's" request! A particular side of me did tell her not to, it did try to remind her of the consequences that might follow, but the other side  did a better job telling her it's the last and only way to finally become what she has always dreamed of being, to leave all the feelings of melancholy behind and live in a world of happiness.
unconsciousness, elation, excitement, arousal.. They have all been experimented for the first time. It made her feel on top of the world, the happiest creature in the galaxy. She had came to complete oblivion, she was at last free of all the rules and the boundaries. It was like being in absolute isolation from the real time and space. What she enjoyed the most was  witnessing her existence in the most dreamy unreal way. After this first experience, the features of a new destiny began appearing.
Time passed too fast ever since. Between the drinking parties and being extrovert, she only felt a bit, for she spent almost the rest of the time sleeping, or looking for new excuses to get out of the house whenever a ticket to happiness was available. I wouldn't say it's my fault for not getting my owner back on the right path, but trust me, all the feelings of gaiety and gladness she felt every time she got drunk were just too overwhelming to be left! How could she among all those great moments think about getting back to being bollied! How is it logical to prefer sentiments of fatigue, restlessness, depression and tension rather than welfare . Alcohol definitely made her persuaded of convictions that wouldn't under whatever conditions seem acceptable for a girl aspiring of having a career which even for her own well educated family seemed almost hard to reach!
So she got drunk at every party that followed the first one, until alcohol was mixed with her own blood. Here I must say that when it came to becoming intoxicated, I was primed of seeking pleasure without considering the consequences which at my owner's case only showed up when getting sober, especially psychological ones. And just in case you're not aware of what consequences I mean at this point, I'm referring to feeling defeated, ashamed, raw, and especially lonely.. Feeling lonely was in fact what made her realize that alcohol wasn't exactly the right way to become sociable, but sadly, it was just too late when she understood this. It was too late when miserably laying on the bathroom floor she realized that since the exact moment her mouth embraced the taste of alcohol she was gradually becoming a random average student; an extra replica.

It has been 3 weeks that my owner is in a coma after having an accident when she was driving drunk. I do not know what will happen after she wakes up (if she does), but I'm really done with all this thing.


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lundi 30 juin 2014

Etoh Abuse In United States

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you are probably aware of the major moral crisis which surrounders a majority of youth around the world. When it comes to this kind of crisis, it does not matter which religion or culture principles a country stands for, and the only probable reason for that, is the fact that it is purely a personnel act . And once again, the US takes the lead ! Especially considering etoh abuse.

Etoh abuse for youth in the United States :
As it is mostly the case, youth are in little awareness when it comes to mental manipulation. They carelessly think of etoh abuse as an act of rebellion against social norms and rules, and even much more as a rejection of any kind of laws, giving no concern to the actual danger of death they are putting themselves into.
Even more vexatious is the fact that they consider etoh abuse as an efficient way of being popular among friends, even if it means putting their own health at stake.

Statistics of etoh abuse in the United States :

Since one of the first causes of moral loose is alcoholism, the statistics showed-and are still showing- the high rates of etoh abuse in American society.
According to statistics made in 2012, 51.3% of adults aged 18 years old were regular drinkers, and 12.9% were infrequent.
Other statistics showed that by the age of 15, more than 50 percent of teens have had at least 1 drink, and that most adolescents actually prefer drinking etoh from smoking cigarettes or using marijuana.

Psychological reasons of etoh abuse in the United States :

Regardless of how severe etoh abuse is as a social phenomenon, youth involved might still somehow be excused. Studies have shown that the most common reasons why youth often make such an act, are due to psychological accumulation they had faced during childhood which caused them low self-esteem, emotional distress and rage against society, which would all normally lead to exposure to negative « incidents » !

The consequences of etoh abuse :

 Such a fact wouldn’t of course exist without any consequences. How would it be if etoh abuse causes problems of all kinds imagined !

Health consequences :

Health consequences include : Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, colon, liver and breast, high blood alcohol levels that suppress the central nervous system and can cause loss of consciousness, low blood pressure and body temperature, coma, respiratory depression, or death.

Social consequences :

 Etoh abuse risks to causing social problems such as unemployment, lost productivity, and family problems.

Add to that the total annual traffic fatalities  in the United States which was around 350,000 in 2009 .It all contributes in the 88,000 deaths of excessive alcohol use each year!

Economic consequences :

On one hand, alcohol problems cost the United States $224 billion each year, primarily from lost productivity but also from health care and property damage.  These issues affect all Americans, whether they drink or not.On the other hand,since youth are the shareholders of employments in variable fields, it is always an issue when this segment of society is facing bad health conditions, as it-in an indirect way- destabilizes the economic stability by effecting the labor conditions ! 
Solutions suggested :

Despite how difficult it would seem for an alcoholic to get his/her life back on track, it is still not impossible to do it ! a person might waste a whole life in a huge shell of bad habits, but once he/she decides to make a change, all that matters is the first step ! But other than the alcoholic’s personnal responsability of coming to the realization that he/she has a drinking problem, the family’s role in supporting is just as important. For a family has always the ability of facilating the most difficult obstacles.
An alcoholic only has to keep in mind that the more motivated a person is to get treatment for alcohol abuse, the better the chances are for him/her to remain sober.
and this video may help : 

and i will discuss some of treatments that are marvelously works in my next articles.

Summing up, etoh abuse is one of the major problems American society is daily facing, and that is only one proof that the globally ruling country is no exception when it comes to moral issues ! 

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